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Grace Chapel was formed in the year 1995 by Pastor Michael Paul Varghese, who was called out of Africa to India in the year 1993, with a great vision to disciple leaders to build strong local churches with people, filled with the Word and Spirit, touching the world.
Ever since then, Pastor Michael and Pastor Chitra have been instrumental in changing lives from rags to riches and from dunghill to the throne of honour, both spiritually and naturally with a great foundation in Spirit and Truth.
Michael & Chitra Varghese

Michael & Chitra Varghese

Senior Pastors

Hailing from a family of teachers, Pastor Michael Varghese has been an avid reader and able teacher of the Word for over 25 years. Born and raised in Africa, he saw his ambitious life spiralling down the road to nowhere, when he was miraculously touched by God’s love and saved from drugs and alcohol. While in Africa, he was exposed to revival and church-planting movements. Having heard a clear call from God, he shifted to Bangalore in 1993 and planted his first church. He has never looked back since. He takes great joy in teaching the Bible with élan. His commitment for the Church is contagious, to say the least. He encourages people to work on the Word to see the fruits.

Love for God, Love for His people & Love for the Word are the hallmarks of his pastoral ministry.