Pastor Anoop Cherian & Mary Anne Cherian

Born into a traditional Christian family, I accepted Jesus as my Lord & Savior while I was in college. But after a few months, I drew back into my old habits of drug abuse & its life-style. Living that way, it grew worse and I was stuck, confused and my thoughts were running all over the place. I could not find a real purpose in living and all I could see was death. I tried getting into meditation (yoga), thinking that it might help me. During this time, my cousin and her husband came to visit us from Bangalore. Her husband had been into meditation & yoga. But his life changed when he had finally accepted Jesus as his Lord. Through them, I came to Bangalore & started attending Grace Chapel. The Word that was preached there changed my life drastically – It started to set me free and settle things in me; when the Word began to affect my thinking. I began to experience freedom as I started exercising the Word (Ha Ha Ha!). As I was waiting on God while working in a Lighting firm, I began helping in the church. I started to sense in my spirit that God was leading me to “Get Involved with ministering to the Children”. Then came a time, when I knew that I had to step out of the job I was doing into what God called me to do. In Dec 2004, I joined as a full time staff of Grace Chapel and got involved in the Children’s Ministry, in line with the vision of the church. I am now married to a wonderful & joyful person, Mary Anne, whom I met in the church. She is also involved in the Children’s Ministry. God has blessed us with two wonderful children, Joanna & John. Life has been good with Jesus! Glory to God!

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